Limondesk Features

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Quick-Start Technology

LimonDesk will launch as soon as you copy and paste the code generated while registering, to your website.

User Friendly

With LimonDesk, you get an easy-to-use support and chat solution. Operator and user do not need a manual.

Fully Responsive

Works seamlessly on all desktop and mobile devices. Mobile device optimization is provided.

Ticket (support) Records

With the Ticket module, you can automatically open support records for the e-mail addresses defined in the system.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and Blog

Build your content page by answering questions your customers can ask about your business. Stay up to date with blog posts.

VIP Support Service

You can earn money from support services by creating special support packages according to your customer demands.


The program is designed to be accessible only to you. It continues to develop with current software technology.

Operator Panel

Excellent user-friendly design. Everything can be easily adjusted with one click.

Live Online Visitors

For online visitors, go to your website and check what is happening. See from what country, where and when your visitors are browsing your pages.

Visitor History

Check your chats in the chat history area. Depending on your package, we offer you a fixed duration chat history storage service. Also it is possible to transfer a recorded conversation by sending it to any e-mail address you want.

Contact History

When no operators are online, you can show a contact form. We will inform you of new offline messages. You will be able to view the requests easily.

File System

Share files, images, documents with your website visitors and accept incoming files.

Automatic Standard Messages

No need to type the same thing over and over again with standard messages. You can add the text you want to your chat with a single click.

Proactive Trigger Messages

When you save your message templates, LimonDesk invites your website visitors to chat automatically or manually.


Install the chat-bot to answer some basic questions. Keep the customer in the queue until you are available to open the chat.

Departments and Related Sections

Create departments, associate the operators with corresponding departments and transfer. Let your website visitors speak to the right person and resolve the problem fast.

Statistics and Reports

Statistics, chat durations, feedback, locations, top rated operators and much more. Under your watch.

Business Hours

With LimonDesk, you don't need to be online 24/7. Specify your business hours, direct your customers to automatic forms at other times.